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Translator Meets Author with Mithu Sanyal and Alta L. Price

A warm invitation to the next poco.lit. Event: A conversation with Mithu Sanyal and Alta L. Price about language, cultural appropriation, cancel culture and humour.

Date and time: 20.09.2023, 20:00 – 21:00 CET
Location: Online via Zoom: Link to event

The event is free of charge, will be held in German spoken language and simultaneously translated into sign language by Amma Antwi & Sarah Prieto Peña.

In Mithu Sanyal’s acclaimed novel Identitti, examines an identity scandal from all sides with nuance and – despite all seriousness – humor. The various characters offer very different perspectives on issues such as race, the (im)possibility of transracial identities, whiteness, the provability of identity, interracial relationships, adoption amongst other issues. In this conversation, Sanyal will discuss her novel’s topical intervention in these issues with its English translator, Alta L. Price.

The event is part of the series “Translator Meets Author”, which is supported by the German Translators’ Fund.

Dr. Mithu M. Sanyal is a writer, cultural scholar and journalist, whose work has appeared in Deutschlandfunk, Spiegel, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung and The Guardian. She published the non-fiction books Vulva (Wagenbach) and Rape: From Lucretia to #MeToo (Nautilus), which was awarded the “Geisteswissenschaften international” prize. Her debut novel Identitti was published by Hanser Verlag in 2022. It was awarded the Ernst Bloch Prize and the Ruhr Literature Prize and was shortlisted for the German Book Prize.

Alta L. Price is a translator and runs a publishing consultancy specialising in literature and non-fiction texts on art, architecture, design and culture. She translates from German and Italian into English and was awarded the Gutekunst Prize. Alta’s translation of Juli Zeh’s novel New Year was a finalist for the PEN America Translation Prize and the Helen & Kurt Wolff Prize.

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