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In addition to publishing poco.lit., we offer a number of services in related fields, predominantly but not exclusively concerned with postcolonial topics.

We work with people for whom linguistic and political sensitivity is important. Our work is distinguished by our professional expertise and the conscientiousness of our approach. We welcome your inquiries.


We write commissioned texts, including scholarly and non-scholarly articles and essays in the field of the postcolonial in the broadest sense. With years of experience in writing and publishing for mainstream audiences as well as academic publications, we are able to communicate complex ideas accessibly, and produce meticulously researched texts across a range of registers.

Contact us for well-written and carefully-researched writing that is politically sensitive to current trends in postcolonial, literary and cultural questions.


We translate texts from English to German. As editors of poco.lit., we have gained a wealth of experience in translating texts, and with our project macht.sprache., have had the opportunity of tackling head-on the many difficulties that come with translating politically sensitive language.

Contact us for nuanced translation work that is sensitive to politically loaded language in both English and German.


We moderate literary and cultural events, including readings, discussions and panels, in both physical (when viable) and virtual settings. Having moderated many such events, both for poco.lit. and in other settings including academic conferences, we are well-placed to co-ordinate and orchestrate discussions. This includes doing relevant research, preparation of relevant questions, and curating of audience participation.

Contact us for professional moderation of literary and cultural events.


We offer workshops on discrimination-sensitive language and diversity trainings. We are happy to discuss content and format with you in advance and adapt them to the target group. When conducting workshops, we draw on a wide range of methods that we have acquired over many years of work. We look forward to interactive and lively workshops.

Contact us for insightful and interactive workshops.

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