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Buchcover von Aminata Tourés Buch Wir können mehr sein mit Bild der Autorin

Wir können mehr sein: Die Macht der Vielfalt

Aminata Touré already made headlines in Germany in 2019: she is the youngest and first Afro-German vice president of a state parliament (in Schleswig-Holstein). In the summer of 2021, her book Wir können mehr sein: Die Macht der Vielfalt was published and it immediately landed on the Spiegel bestseller list. Her book is part autobiography and part political essay and it is intended to motivate other young people to consider a political career. In addition to her clear political positions, Touré is pleasantly approachable, emotional and creative – not least because her narrative text is peppered with numerous self-written poems about freedom and dreams, being Black and a woman.

Touré takes her readers chronologically through the 28 years of her life: she was born in Neumünster. Her parents had fled to Germany from Mali, and Touré and her sisters initially grew up in an asylum shelter. While family has always been a warm, safe place for Touré, her life is nevertheless initially marked by uncertainty until, after years, the family obtains permission to stay in Germany. Touré’s childhood experiences, which include racism in addition to her insecure residency status, lead to her interest in wanting to make a difference. Growing up, she slowly begins to feel her way into party politics and initially becomes involved with the Green Youth. When she studied at university, she did a few internships, and eventually she is ready not only to become member of the Green Party, but also to take on responsibility. Touré has a lot of confidence and can rely on friends and family when she is unsure. Today she is a full-time politician and her topics include anti-racism, flight and migration, women and equality.

Touré’s book is refreshing and stirring in a time that seems increasingly characterized by disenchantment with politics and criticism of the established party system. Touré has a realistic view of her own party and democracy in general – they are not perfect. Nevertheless, she educates people about the importance of working within the system and makes a strong case for even more people to work within political institutions, where diversity is lacking. It takes strength, patience and discipline, but Touré still sees great opportunities for creating change at the political level. It should become possible to imagine a Black Chancellor or a Person of Color on the board of a DAX company, and for that, we need forerunners. Touré dedicates her book to those who are taking the paths that no one has taken before them.

(The book is only available in German)

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