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Anna von Rath

diversity trainer, translator and editor of poco.lit.

Stefanie Hirsbrunner
Could this be love?

Could this be love? is a bilingual anthology – all contributions are included in English and German – with personal essays on interracial relationships. It is one of the first books to be published by the newly founded InterKontinental Verlag.


Tomi Obaro
Dele Weds Destiny

Tomi Obaro’s debut novel Dele Weds Destiny appealed to me with its beautiful, flashy cover and the prospect of a story about girlfriends. The book with its simple prose and predictable characters was welcome company on a very hot beach day.


“Differentiation is a prerequisite for alliances”: An Interview with Judith Coffey about Goynormativity (Gojnormativität)

Judith Coffey and Vivien Laumann critique that antisemitism and Jewish perspectives have thus far often been elided in intersectional debates. At the end of 2021, they published their book Gojnormativität (Goynormativity) to make Jewish positions more speakable and visible. We had the privilege of talking to Judith Coffey about the book.


Djaïli Amadou Amal
The Impatient

There are some books that I appreciate above all for their political intentions. This is how I feel about the novel The Impatient by Djaïli Amadou Amal (translated by Emma Ramadan). The Cameroonian writer, who belongs to the Fulani culture, has had bad marital experiences and now uses them as material for her literature and as a drive for her activism.