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Anna von Rath

social justice and diversity trainer, and editor of poco. lit.

Mohamed Amjahid
Der weisse Fleck

If you’ve read an introduction to antiracist thinking already, Amjahid’s new book provides further insights and possible options for action in order to critically deal with one’s own position – especially as a white person.


Megha Majumdar
A Burning

Megha Majumdar’s debut novel, A Burning, is a highly political – and at times disturbing – story about the desire for a life worth living, about power and corruption.


Political Terms and (Un)just Social Structures: An Interview with the Producers of “Erklär mir mal…” (Explain it to me)

As part of our macht.sprache. project, we’re seeking out input from various experts who deal with language, translation or artificial intelligence. With Maja Bogojević and Victoria Jeffries, the producers of the Instagram channel “Erklär mir mal…” (Explain it to me), we discuss the challenges in political work with language.


Florence Brokowski-Shekete
Damn, she can understand me!

Florence Brokowski-Shekete was arguably the first Black German school district director. In her autobiographical work, Mist, die versteht mich ja! Aus dem Leben einer Schwarzen Deutschen (“Damn, she can understand me! From the Life of a Black German”), she recounts how she came to hold this position.


Emilia Roig
Why We Matter: The End of Oppression

Her book Why We Matter: The End of Oppression brings together Emilia Roig’s far-ranging body of knowledge. Moving at a rapid pace, the book takes a look at the multiple facets of oppression in nearly all areas of life. Why We Matter can thus be read as a wonderfully accessible introduction to the concept of intersectionality.


Mithu Sanyal

Identitti is Mithu Sanyal’s first novel. I was very much looking forward to this book, and I was not at all disappointed: it examines an identity scandal from all sides with nuance and – despite all seriousness – humour.


Nuruddin Farah
North of Dawn

Nuruddin Farah’s latest novel North of Dawn explores the theme of migration and how settling in a new country is affected by people’s educational background, religion and worldview.


Ocean Vuong
On Earth we’re briefly gorgeous

“On Earth we’re briefly gorgeous” is a dramatic coming-of-age story interlaced with family trauma, and a letter to the mother of the now-adult narrator. This highly poetic book conveys a nuanced and exceedingly ambivalent understanding of violence.


Alicia Garza
The Purpose of Power: How we come together when we fall apart

Alicia Garza is co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter and of the Black Lives Matter Global Network. In her book, The Purpose of Power, she critically reviews the movement’s genesis. Garza’s main message to her readers is that a hashtag doesn’t usually start a movement. Behind movements stand people, and sometimes years or decades of dedication to a political cause, as she describes in detail in nearly 400 pages. But a hashtag can give it greater, even global, visibility.