About poco.lit.

poco.lit. hopes to offer a platform for the exchange of ideas about postcolonial literatures in the broadest sense. We aim to build a community of people who share a love of literature, and are invested in its ethico-political power and significance; and a space that fosters creativity, critical engagement and intercultural conversations.

We share reviews of books new and old, and publish interviews with writers and activists, as well as essays and pieces of creative writing. We invite you not only to read through these, but also to actively participate by sending in reviews and writings of your own.

poco.lit. also organises events both real and virtual: readings, workshops and book clubs. For 2020, we’re delighted to bring you the event series Green Library.

poco.lit. is published by Anna von Rath and Lucy Gasser.

Anna von Rath:

I live in Berlin and work as a freelance cultural event organizer, and social justice and diversity trainer. From a small industrial city in West Germany, my way to Berlin took me around the world and made me familiar with a diverse range of stories. During my studies and my doctorate, I focused on postcolonial literature. With poco.lit. I would like to create more visibility for lesser known literary voices and encourage an exchange about different perspectives on the world.

Lucy Gasser:

I’m an avid reader, and a scholar of literary and postcolonial studies. I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and have made Berlin my home since 2014. I teach English literary studies at the University of Potsdam, where I also completed my PhD in 2019. My involvement in poco.lit. is born of a love for language and storytelling, and I am invested in creating spaces for reading and talking about literatures of the global South.

Contact us at pocolitinfo@gmail.com

Illustrations by Joanna Louise.