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About poco.lit.

poco.lit. is a platform for postcolonial literatures in the broadest sense. Every week, you can find new reviews, interviews or essays on this bilingual platform. poco.lit.’s goal is to highlight postcolonial texts and topics to create more visibility for them. If you are wondering what ‘postcolonial’ means, click here.

poco.lit. is invested in the ethico-political power and significance of literature; paying special attention to creativity, this is a space that fosters critical engagement with power dynamics and intercultural conversations.

Please get in touch via email if you want to write for poco.lit, are interested in cooperations or our services.


Since 2021, poco.lit. has been focussing on politically sensitive translation by curating the macht.sprache. project.

In 2020, poco.lit. hosted the Green Library event series.

poco.lit. is published by Anna von Rath and Lucy Gasser:

Anna von Rath:

I live in Berlin and work as a freelance translator, editor and diversity trainer. From a small industrial city in West Germany, my way to Berlin took me around the world and made me familiar with a diverse range of stories. During my studies and my doctorate, I focused on postcolonial literature. With poco.lit. I would like to create more visibility for lesser known literary voices and encourage an exchange about different perspectives on the world.

Lucy Gasser:

I’m an avid reader, and a scholar of literary and postcolonial studies. I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and have made Berlin my home since 2014. I teach English literary studies at the University of Potsdam, where I also completed my PhD in 2019. My involvement in poco.lit. is born of a love for language and storytelling, and I am invested in creating spaces for reading and talking about literatures of the global South.

Illustrations by Joanna Louise Mackenthun.

Regular Contributors:

Johanna Heide:

I am mainly based in Berlin and work with English and German texts in various capacities. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD and work as a freelance journalist. Due to my academic background in Cultural Studies and American Studies, I am particularly interested in books with a critical focus on the cultural history of the United States as well as on the contemporary moment. Poco.lit. offers a space that allows for such critical discourse.”

Susi Peter:

I have lived in Berlin since 2011, with a short one-year stopover in Ireland. In 2017, I started studying Special Education and English Philology and discovered my love for linguistics. I decided to change my focus and am now a soon-to-be sociolinguist. I am very fascinated by the interactions between language and society. While poco.lit. helps to perceive other perspectives on the world, macht.sprache creates a space for the importance of politically sensitive language use and adequate translations of these perspectives.

poco.lit.’s Services:

In addition to our work as editors of poco.lit., we offer a number of services in related fields, predominantly but not exclusively concerned with postcolonial topics. You can also advertise on our website.

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