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Sharon Dodua Otoo
Ada’s Realm

Adas Raum is ambitious and epic in scope, gripping and intelligent in execution, and somehow both unforgiving and funny. It will let you meet Ada in her different iterations through the ages, as well as God in a number of irreverent and charismatic guises


Hanna Ali
The Story of Us

Ali’s writing is characterised by a felicitous turn of phrase. She has a way of buckling two or three words together in surprising but evocative ways, and a capacity for refreshing metaphor.


Bernardine Evaristo
Girl, Woman, Other

Bernardine Evaristo’s Booker-prize-winning Girl, Woman, Other tells the stories of twelve people – as the dust jacket puts it – ‘mostly women, mostly Black’ for whom Britain has, in one way or another, been a home.