Head to macht.sprache. to discuss sensitive terms and their translation!

Guidelines for communication on this platform

macht.sprache. invites you to engage in discussion that is founded in mutual respect. Communication on this platform should strive for constructive collaboration and be attuned to particular speaking positions. Harmful and discriminatory comments will not be tolerated.

macht.sprache. is a platform to discuss the translation of politically sensitive language. This is a public space for the respectful exchange of ideas. The sensitivity of the subject requires extra care in communication.

Mutual respect

  • Mutual respect should be the basis for all communication on this platform. This counts for disagreements too.
  • Consider how your comment might arrive with others, and that something you don’t find offensive might be perceived as harmful by others.
  • Trolling, bullying and insults will not be tolerated.

Constructive collaboration

  • The aim of macht.sprache. is to collaboratively develop knowledge about politically sensitive language. This goal is best served by constructive critique and productive suggestions whenever possible.
  • Consider how you can constructively add to the discussion on the basis of what has already been said.
  • Explain why (or why not) you would use a particular translation.
  • Don’t publicly shame others. If you find a comment seriously problematic, reach out to the administrators.


  • Consider the position you speak from, and how this might affect your view on different issues. This information could also help others understand where you’re coming from.
  • Be as specific as possible, speaking from your own experiences, and demonstrating what you mean with examples.

In case of misconduct

  • If you see a comment that does not uphold these principles, or which you find harmful, please notify us here.
  • The curatorial team reserves the right to intervene if these guidelines are not respected. This can entail the removal of comments. Users who post problematic content will be given one warning, may have their access to the platform revoked in the event of a further violation. They will be given opportunity to raise objections, but the final decision on whether to exclude users from the platform will be made by the curatorial team.

macht.sprache. looks forward to collaboratively creating an environment conducive to the productive discussion of language and translation.