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about macht.sprache. – short version landing page

macht.sprache. helps you handle the challenges of politically sensitive language in English and German.

The macht.sprache. database is unique in that it is crowdsourced and collaboratively built by our community of users and participants. You can join this community by registering, and participate in building the knowledge that flows into the Text Checker and the extensions for DeepL and Google Translate. Or you can just scroll through the terms and discussions, and develop your understanding of discrimination in language.

If you want to learn more about expressing yourself with political sensitivity, and integrate tools into your work that will help you do this, macht.sprache. provides you with what you’ll need – whether you’re working in German, in English, or translating between them. To offer further support, the curatorial team behind macht.sprache. has written a translation manifesto that provides important guidelines.

Much like tackling the problems of discrimination in language, macht.sprache. will always be a work-in-progress. Get involved and participate in shaping that process!