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Support poco.lit. with Steady

poco.lit. has now been in existence for two years, and we are very grateful to our community of readers and supporters – you keep us motivated! Our bilingual platform for postcolonial literatures came about as a passion project: We, Anna von Rath and Lucy Gasser, are invested in making postcolonial literatures more visible and accessible. We hope to inspire a shared interest in you, and exchange ideas with you about the political potential of this literature.

Of course, a lot of resources go into making poco.lit. what it is: it costs time and money to pay for the domain and server space, to research topics and write about them. So far, we have carried these costs personally or financed them as best we could through short-term grants. We’ve written the majority of the texts we’ve published ourselves, without payment, and have so far only been able to offer guest contributors remuneration in the limited cases where our grants allowed it – but needless to say, we would love to be able to pay contributors for the time and effort they put into writing texts.

If you would like to help make poco.lit. more sustainable, and help us to continue making it a space of high quality content, you can now support us through Steady. Steady is a crowdfunding company based in Germany, where you are now able to sign up for a poco.lit. membership. We will use your support to pay for the running costs of the website. In addition, we would like to encourage more writers to publish their texts on postcolonial topics on poco.lit. and use the poco.lit. membership to pay them for their work.

We look forward to your support and making poco.lit. even better! Feel free to email us if you have feedback.

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