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Ohren auf No. 2: poco. lit.s liebste Podcast Episoden

This month we share our favorite podcast episodes with you again. Our recommendations include podcasts about literature and others that are thematically related to poco. lit. The selected episodes are about racism on different continents, racism in relation to the literary market and language, the current Black Lives Matter protests and diversity as a trend. Our first four recommendations are podcasts in German, the others are in English – enjoy listening!

Pissy Podcast: Darüber schreibt man nicht? Rassismus in der Literatur

On the Pissy podcast of the Missy magazine, Dominique Haensell talks to author and theatremaker Olivia Wenzel about the questions of racsim in the German literary scene. Haensell contributes her perspective as a literary scholar. Wenzel describes the challenges she faces as someone who has gained public visibility and therefore, potentially, the ability to educate the public about racism. At the same time, she does not always want to be pushed into this role.

Realitäter*innen Podcast: Diversity als Trend

Lucia Luciano, Gizem Adiyaman, talk to various guests about diversity. The first to speak is Constanze Osei, who works as a public policy manager at Facebook and offers insights into corporate culture. She points out that diversity is not about ticking boxes. With Emilia Roig and Tarik Tesfu, Lucia and Gizem discuss whether the term diversity is just a deflated trend or still useful for social justice movements.

Tupodcast: Gespräch mit Sarah Shiferaw

On Tupodcast, Tupoka Ogette talks to various Black women. This episode features Sarah Shiferaw, who works as a professional trainer on the topics of racism and right-wing extremism. They begin their conversation with reflections on grief, anger and resistance. They then exchange views about their work as trainers, their own politicization and family.

Dissens Podcast: “Ermordet zu werden wie George Floyd hätte auch mir passieren können”

Dissens interviews the Black activist Tahir Della on racism and police violence in Germany. Della is a spokesperson for the Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (ISD) and has long been campaigning against racism in Germany. He notes that the people who have been pointing out racism and police violence for decades have simply not been listened to so far.

Sisterhood Works: Bernardine Evaristo on Breaking into the Mainstream

Bernardine Evaristo talks about the long road to success that her latest book Girl, Woman, Other finally brought her. The prestigious Booker Prize changed Evaristo’s entire career and she now gets the attention her important work deserves. She also reveals which of her characters from Girl, Woman, Other is most like herself.

Race Matters FBI Radio: Subtle Resistance, Big Gains (with Kirli Saunders)

This podcast is a production of People of Color in Sydney, who talk with their guests – also People of Color – about race and racism. In this episode the writer Kirli Saunders is a guest and talks about her program “Poetry in first Languages”. Saunders is herself Native Australian and found it very empowering to learn the language of her ancestors and revive it with her program.

Art for the People: Oyinkan Braithwaite on winning with readers

This is the very first episode of the Art of the people podcast on art and culture with a special focus on Nigeria and the African continent. Molara Wood talks to Oyinkan Braithwaite about her book My Sister, the Serial Killer. They discuss Braithwaite’s writing process and the toxic relationships in the book.

Decolonization in Action: Black voices for Black lives

Edna Bonhomme interviews four Black women born on three different continents. They discuss the current Black Lives Matter protests in Europe and the toppling of statues glorifying the colonial past.

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