All ears: poco. lit.’s favorite podcast episodes

In most places around the world, people spent the last few weeks in lockdown, including the editors of poco. lit. Here we share our favorite podcast episodes that we listened to during these Corona-dominated times. Our list includes literature podcast episodes and others that are thematically related to poco. lit. It’s a mix of English and German-language podcasts. Have fun listening!

Reading Women Podcast: Interview with Kiley Reid

Kendra Winchester of the Reading Women Podcast talks to Kiley Reid about her novel “What a fun age”, in which Reid addresses themes such as white saviorism, racism and wealth. Her book takes a satirical look at the quest for wokeness – for political awakening. Reid talks about her love for hyper-realistic dialogue, fast-moving plots and the number 3. Transcripts are available for all Reading Women podcast episodes.

Papierstaupodcast „Task Force“: 3 Book Recommendations

This Podcast by Robin, Annika and Maike usually present several recently published books at once. They don’t use gender inclusive language, but they still value literary diversity. In this episode they recommend the following books: Oyinkan Braithwaite’s “My Sister, the Serial Killer”, Ta-Nehisi Coates “The Water Dancer” and Angie Kim’s “Miracle Creek”. Listen to them to find out why you should read them.

Kübra Gümüşay and Hotel Matze

Matze Hielscher, the host of the Hotel Matze Podcast, talks to Kübra Gümüşay about her recently published non-fiction book “Sprache und Sein”. They touch on topics such as racism and Islamophobia and how these manifest themselves in language or are reinforced by language. Throughout the conversation, Hielscher learns a lot about (non-)privilege and language and Gümüşay wins her listeners over with her gentle and hopeful way of expressing her important thoughts.

Hear to Slay: A New Space for Liberation

Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillam Cottom talk to OlaRonke Akinmowo, the founder of the “free Black women’s library”. The space that Akinmowo creates allows Black women to be among themselves and thus free, because, according to Akinmowo, being free means being able to feel comfortable.

Decolonization in Action: Apologies are not enough

edna bonhomme talks to Will Furtado, an editor of the magazine Contemporary And (C&) for African and African diasporic art. They discuss Furtado’s own art practice and the possibilities of journalistic interventions into power structures. Furtado makes it clear that apologies are not enough in the face of colonialism and the continuation of coloniality.

Lila Podcast: „Zwei Männer unterhalten sich“

The feminist Lila Podcast is currently taking a break, but many of the older episodes are still extremely relevant and worth listening. At the podcast conference “Subscribe10”, Susanne Klingner and Katrin Rönicke hosted a panel with Vanessa Vu and Minh Thu Tran (“Rice and Shine” Podcast), Maxi Haecke and Alice Hasters (“Feuer & Brot” Podcast) and the cultural studies scholar Mithu Sanyal. They discussed why the podcast scene should be diversified. This relatively young medium, which is considered to be open to everyone, seems to be rather white and male.