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Natasha Brown

As the title of Natasha Brown’s debut novel suggests, it amounts to a coming-together, an assembling. A Black British woman attends a party for an upper-class white family. This celebration in rural England is the culmination of her inner dilemmas: has she made it or are her actions making her an accomplice to the racism she experiences? At this party, she makes up her mind.


Abulrazak Gurnah
By the Sea

Since Abdulrazak Gurnah was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2021, the Zanzibar-born author who lives in the UK has suddenly become known to mainstream audiences. Gurnah’s 2001 novel By the sea is about a dispute between two families that takes place against a backdrop of political change.


JJ Bola
Mask Off: Masculinity Redefined

As I read the book, I had the feeling that its main target audience is young boys who struggle with the expectations of having to be tough guys. Bola mentions that he wrote “Mask Off” precisely because he himself would have wished for just this book in his youth.


In Erinnerung an Andrea Levy

Die Schriftstellerin Andrea Levy, die in ihren Büchern über die Lebenswelt von jamaikanisch-britischen Menschen schrieb, verstarb im Februar 2019 mit 62 Jahren an Krebs.