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Culture Wrappings IV: Closeted Puja  

The home mandir is integral to daily living. It’s your ‘last stop’ before you start your day and before you go to bed. If something good happens, you go here to show your gratitude. When something challenging or terrible happens, you come here for comfort and strength. 


Natasha A. Kelly
Schwarz. Deutsch. Weiblich.

In her current book Schwarz. Deutsch. Weiblich – Warum Feminismus mehr als Geschlechtergerechtigkeit fordern muss(Black. German. Female – Why feminism must demand more than gender equality in English), Natasha A. Kelly traces the history of Black women in Germany, which she skilfully weaves together with her own life story.


Moshtari Hilal
Hässlichkeit (Ugliness)

As readers of Moshtari Hilal’s book, we are allowed to accompany the sometimes painful process of coming to terms with what is constructed as ugly, in order to realize that ugliness is actually what is behind this construction.


Ailton Krenak
Ideas to postpone the end of the world

Ailton Krenak’s Ideas to postpone the end of the world (translated from Portuguese by Anthony Doyle) is a slim volume bursting with important ideas. Krenak is a philosopher and socio-environmental activist for Indigenous rights from the Krenak homelands along the Doce River.


Max Czollek

Max Czollek’s Versöhnungstheater (Theatre of Reconciliation) is an equally confident and lively intervention in current debates as his previous books. Despite the specific focus on post-national socialist continuities, some aspects discussed in the book bear similarities with postcolonial aims.


Rafia Zakaria
Against White Feminism

The lawyer, activist and author Rafia Zakaria came from Pakistan to the USA at the age of 17 and worked for 5 years on the board of Amnesty International USA after having studied law. She has incorporated these experiences into her book Against White Feminsim.