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Abulrazak Gurnah
By the Sea

Since Abdulrazak Gurnah was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2021, the Zanzibar-born author who lives in the UK has suddenly become known to mainstream audiences. Gurnah’s 2001 novel By the sea is about a dispute between two families that takes place against a backdrop of political change.


Nathacha Appanah
Tropic of Violence

Attempts to flee to Europe don’t only happen via the Mediterranean Sea, but also in the Indian Ocean. There lies the island of Mayotte, an overseas territory of France. Nathacha Appanah’s new book explores flight and the fate of boys on Mayotte.


Nuruddin Farah
North of Dawn

Nuruddin Farah’s latest novel North of Dawn explores the theme of migration and how settling in a new country is affected by people’s educational background, religion and worldview.


Ocean Vuong
On Earth we’re briefly gorgeous

“On Earth we’re briefly gorgeous” is a dramatic coming-of-age story interlaced with family trauma, and a letter to the mother of the now-adult narrator. This highly poetic book conveys a nuanced and exceedingly ambivalent understanding of violence.


Wole Soyinka

Migrazioni/Migrations is a poetry and photography book created by Nigerian playwright Wole Soyinka – the first African author to have won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986. This anthology focuses on the reality of migration by exploring the routes that connect Italy and Africa, Nigeria specifically.