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4. June 2021

macht.sprache. & Artificially Correct: Diskussion mit Lann Hornscheidt und Şeyda Kurt

We warmly invite you to join us for a discussion that addresses possible ways of dealing with politically sensitive terminology in German. Speakers are Lann Hornscheidt und Şeyda Kurt.

Language influences the way we think and talk about race, gender, sexuality, belonging, and so on. The concepts behind this are sometimes discussed very controversially. Anyone who writes texts in German or translates texts into German that deal with politically sensitive topics has probably wondered about non-discriminatory wordings. The discussion with Lann Hornscheidt and Şeyda Kurt is exactly about that.

Şeyda Kurt is a freelance journalist, moderator and author. Her book Radikale Zärtlichkeit – Warum Liebe politisch ist was published in April by HarperCollins Germany. Her work focuses on philosophy, culture, and intersectional feminism. She teaches workshops on journalistic writing, and language and discrimination.

Lann Hornscheidt acts as a language-activist and critic of discrimination – in teaching and lecturing, in writing, editing, and publishing, always searching for new formulations. In 2021, Lann Hornscheidt published a manual on gender and language with Ja’n Sammla entitled Wie schreibe ich divers? How do I speak in a gender-appropriate way? (w_orte & meer).

We invite you to join the discussion on Zoom on Friday, June 4 at 19h30 (CET) . You can register here. It’s free and the language of the event is German, but there will be simultaneous translation into English and subtitles.

The event is organized by poco.lit. and the Goethe-Institute.

With the project Artificially correct, the Goethe-Institute is working with experts to develop a tool that minimises the bias in translations. The goal is to strengthen the position of translators and encourage a conscious approach to machine translation, and include the experiences of as many people as possible in them.    

poco.lit.’s macht.sprache. project is developing an app to foster politically sensitive translation between German and English. A year-long collaborative process will lead to the development of a final translation tool. poco.lit. invites you to be a part of this process by attending public events and joining the discussion on

macht.sprache. is supported by the Berlin Senate.