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Berlin & Potsdam
14. June 2022

Jewish Film Festival Berlin | Brandenburg

Jewish cinema is not boring

The Jewish Film Festival Berlin and Brandenburg (JFBB) is the largest Jewish film festival in Germany. It will take place from 14 to 19 June 2022 in Berlin and Potsdam. The motto of the JFBB is Jewcy Movies.

For six days, international films of all genres from experimental films to TV series will be shown. Here, dusty clichés are cleared away, because the festival highlights Jewish themes in all their diversity. Often with a wink, but always profound. Jewish identities are shown on the big screen in all their liveliness, topicality and constant change.

An international programme will be shown with films that discuss Jewish topics, deal with history and stories from a Jewish perspective, show the positions of Jewish filmmakers, and present the work of Jewish filmmakers.
Jewish filmmakers, tell Jewish biographies and reflect Judaism in its various forms. The festival’s task is also to keep the memory of the Shoa alive, to convey historical awareness and to counter anti-Semitic attitudes.