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2. April 2020
Haus Gropius Fiktional

House Gropius: Fictional

Online Event! Tea Time

Sujata Bhatt in conversation with Florian Strob

With “House Gropius: Fictional”, the Literaturhaus Berlin is launching a collaboration with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. They bring together authors and artists in tandem residencies. The project is being launched by the artist Inge Mahn and the poet Sujata Bhatt. As early as the 1920s, artists of the international avant-garde lived and worked in the various houses: next door to each other. Since 2016, contemporary artists have returned there; from 2020, writers will join. A tandem of artist and author is invited to exchange views on their artistic work. The poet Sujata Bhatt will talk about this and her residency with Florian Strob from the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

Event in English