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Literaturforum im Brecht-Haus
29. April 2020

Storytelling and Identity. With Lana Lux and Marina Frenk

Readings | Conversations

Readings: Marina Frenk »ewig her und gar nicht wahr« und Lana Lux »Jägerin und Sammlerin«
Moderation: Enrico Ippolito

What is the voice of identity? And what are the similarities in people’s individual histories? Both in “ewig her und gar nicht wahr” (Verlag Klaus Wagenbach) and in “Jägerin und Sammlerin” (Aufbau Verlag) young protagonists explore notions of origin, arrival and being lost. They remember things experienced, told and forgotten. Author and journalist Enrico Ippolito talks to Marina Frenk and Lana Lux about storytelling and identity.

This is a German language event.

Tickets: 5,- € / reduced 3,- €
Doors open at 7 pm