Head to macht.sprache. to discuss sensitive terms and their translation!

About macht.sprache.

macht.sprache. is developing an app to foster politically sensitive translation between English & German.

macht.sprache. will crowdsource a dataset of translations, host virtual events with experts, and generate a tool to help translate with sensitivity.


You are warmly invited to participate in the process by taking part in the discussion, adding terms and translation examples from books, newspapers, websites, movies, theatre subtitles, etc.

macht.sprache. requires a user profile for active participation, so that the administrative team can actively moderate and this platform remains as safe a space as possible. For this, the platform follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and asks only for the data that is necessary for a profile: An email address and a (made up) user name. The mail address is not public and is only used for account verification and possibly later for notifications, which are called “transactional” mails in the terminology of the GDPR. A newsletter subscription is offered optionally, of course as opt-in.

Users are free to decide whether they want to appear under a pseudonym or under their real name, and if so, with which identity they will be recognized. Public contact options such as a Twitter handle can be specified in the user profile, if so desired.

Content Warning

As the topic of discussion is sensitive language, please be warned that you might encounter harmful language on the platform. We have incorporated a switch so that you can choose for yourself if you would prefer not be confronted with offensive language unmediatedly.

We’ve also developed some guidelines for respectful communication on this platform. We ask that you structure your participation in this collaborative process accordingly.

Read the Code of Conduct

Who we are

poco.lit. & völlig ohne

This project was conceptualised and is being developed by poco.lit. and völlig ohne. The conceptual curatorial team is made up of Anna von Rath and Lucy Gasser. Web design and technical execution are the work of Timur Celikel and Kolja Lange.

Lucy Gasser

Lucy Gasser teaches literary, cultural and postcolonial studies at the University of Potsdam. She completed her PhD in 2019, and is co-founder of poco.lit. She grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and has lived in Berlin since 2014.

Anna von Rath

Anna von Rath lives in Berlin and works in the field of social justice, diversity and inclusion. In 2019, she finished her PhD in postcolonial cultural studies. She is a co-founder of poco.lit. and is currently translating her first book.

Timur Celikel

Timur Celikel is UI / UX designer and Web-Developer and co-founded völlig ohne 2016. He studied Digital Media in Bremen and has 9 years of experience working for a startup and as freelancer in Berlin.

Kolja Lange

Kolja Lange works as a full-stack developer. He studied Digital Media in Bremen.

Software Development

macht.sprache. is an open source project which we are continuously improving. If you find any bugs, please contact us at info@pocolit.com and we will try to fix them. Additionally, everyone with the capabilities is invited to contribute directly and get involved in our repository: https://github.com/macht-sprache/macht-sprache-app


macht.sprache.’s collective efforts will flow into the final translation tool, which will be conceptually curated and technically developed by the project team.

We fully acknowledge that such an endeavour can never be complete and such a tool will never be exhaustive. At the same time, we trust in the power of collaboration and discussion and, following the project, the software will be available as open source for further development, projects with a different focus, or translation between other languages.

macht.sprache. (case.sensitive.) is funded by the Berlin Senate.

Logo: Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin